Laser Cut Pop Culture Necklaces

Posted: July 09, 2014
Laser Cut Pop Culture Necklaces
$12.95 - $26.95
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Acrylic and mirror plastic are laser cut into comic book, gaming, and TV series favorites in these swell shiny necklaces. The danglers come as both singles and Friendship doubles--2 chains holding halves of the same image, or 2 complementary images--and cover the following pop culture darlings:

  • Batman, Robin
  • Breaking Bad
  • Transformers
  • Legend of Zelda
  • Superman
  • Nightwing
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Mass Effect
  • Pokemon
  • Iron Man
  • Harry Potter
  • Wu-Tang Clan [This one seems a little Wu-TangF to me. Is this group still relevant even though it hasn't been 1996 in, like, 18 years?]

All laser cut necklaces are made to order, and some are customizable with BFF names.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip and Moviepilot for the legwork.

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