Handmade Chainmail Bracelets

Posted: December 10, 2018
Handmade Chainmail Bracelets
$25 - $40
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Chainmail Creations invites you to share some medieval style with your loved ones - or the other fanatics at the Renaissance Faire - this holiday season with their collection of handmade chainmail bracelets. Bracelets are woven together in dozens of different color schemes from anodized aluminum and rubber rings.

At printing, Chainmail Creations had a bracelet lineup including Seahawk Black and Seahawk White, Venom, Silver (pictured above), and Rainbow. However, the shop is always adding new styles, and is happy to take custom color requests.

Chainmail Bracelets come in 6" to 12" diameter standard sizes, though custom sizing options are also available.

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