Give Me An Inch - Real Inch Ruler Necklace

Posted: October 08, 2021
Give Me An Inch - Real Inch Ruler Necklace
$9.99 - $22.49
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Here we have a real inch ruler necklace, entitled Give Me An Inch. I think it is the perfect gift for a frenemy, or my Aunt Jan, that is both an interesting piece of jewelry, and a passive aggressive way of indicating they are the type to get an inch, and take a mile.

And on that mean-spirited note, you might also present the Give Me An Inch necklace to your favorite short friend, or dude with a small penis.

Shirley of YOU gNeek handmakes the inch ruler pendants exactly 1" wide, with accurate 1/16" markings along the way. You'll have a choice of silver or gold plating on the measurement piece, as well as a silver- or gold-plated, .925 sterling silver, or 14K gold-filled chain.

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