Fordite & Vintage Westinghouse Micarta Ring

Posted: May 18, 2022
Fordite & Vintage Westinghouse Micarta Ring
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Black Badger's Fordite & Vintage Westinghouse Micarta Ring is a funhouse of kaleidoscopic colors and a rare 1940s material the band's designer, James Thompson, calls "OG composite...fo shiz."

The Westinghouse Micarta comprising the outer circle of the ring used to serve as an electrical insulator. It is made of layers upon layers of laminated linen fabric, created pretty much the same way they began manufacturing carbon fiber composites years later. The Micarta here - which Black Badger notes is in extremely short supply at their workshop - has a double black stripe pattern adding visual interest to its origin story.

Not nearly the visual interest, however, as the ring's inner layer of Fordite. While Fordite isn't as rare and coveted as a precious gem, it's certainly more interesting than your average metaphysical supply store crystal. Fordite is the result of paint layers, hundreds and hundreds of them, building up on work surfaces in the paint bays of car factories. Over time, the array of colors merge and swirl into one material, creating the vibrant geological effects you see here.

Black Badger can fabricate a Fordite & Vintage Westinghouse Micarta Ring in any size you'd like, with a maximum material width of 10mm. If you're in the market for a wedding band, or just a cool gift for a man, get your order in quick; Black Badger estimates having enough Fordite and Westinghouse Micarta for just 3 of these rings.

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