Final Fantasy Buster Sword Necklace

Posted: February 05, 2013
Final Fantasy Buster Sword Necklace

Cloud Strife needs some help wielding his massive Buster Sword and Zack seems to be busy at the moment. Want to wear it around your neck? Chainmail mastro Michelle has hand woven a 23" gunmetal chain to support its hefty length and girth. Maybe not the same 72" x 12" of heft as the Final Fantasy VII version, but definitely enough to make its wearer look like the geekiest guido or hip hop artist on the block.

Necklace weave is of the byzantine persuasion and runs through an 18g black ice aluminum chain that won't tarnish. The braodsword pendant, whose actual length is 4", appears not to have the gold-tinted winged motif retconned into subsequent Final Fantasy VII compilation releases.

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