Dragon Rings

Posted: February 12, 2014
Dragon Rings
$2,249 - $4,259
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Holy Daenerys Mother of Dragons. If I ever propose marriage, or more likely if I ever need to bribe a girl, a ring whose gem is mounted on fire-breathing beasts of fantasy is definitely the one I'm using to do it. ArtMasters Jewelry, spearheaded by master level CAD custom designer Gnel, handmakes all versions of these wicked finger enhancements to order.

The ring bands and their standout hissing dragon settings come in 14K/18K gold colors ranging from traditional white and yellow to more exotic black, red, and Poison Ivy green. Gnel achieves his looks by coating close to 5 grams of solid white 14K/18K gold with the less conventional and very colorful semi-organic Italian rhodium.

Dragon ring stones weigh in at 3.0 carats, and range from diamonds to rubies to sapphires to chrysoberyl alexandrite. All stones are lab-grown to keep prices affordable for "couples who have good taste but are on the budget."

Gnel notes that his pieces are high-maintenance. (I'd add to match 90% of the women who will wear them.) Rhodium coatings will weather over the course of the first year of wear, exposing some of the solid white gold base on the rings' edges and flat surfaces. He says the resultant look is "very exquisite and vintage" and coating reapplication is not necessary. However, for the high-maintenance women who demand it, Gnel will provide 2 free rhodium redos during the first 2 years of ownership.

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