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Posted: December 08, 2012
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I'm from the Price Is Right generation. We like to roll the dice and spin the wheel. Also, I'm kind of into pretending I'm a 6'7" impenetrable warlord with webbed toes that assist me in making skilled water escapes. Also, I have immense anxiety and fidget a lot and so it might be beneficial for me to have a Spinner Ring to tinker with when I'm trying to assuage one of my, er...episodes. Good thing these most excellent dice-inspired finger adornments serve all three purposes.

The Kickstarter project takes a 316L stainless steel outer ring and inserts a grooved inner ring that spins 'round the finger for easy, portable, and fair (guaranteed no cheese) rolls of the dice. Planting the numbers on a wheel also precludes overexuberant or drunk rolls that end up sending the dice underneath large pieces of furniture or into heat duct oblivion. Spinner Rings are anticipated to come in 14 different styles for various types of play. Standard numerical styles include 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 numbers, the latter ring having dual spinning bands with two distinct grooves so they don't affect each other's outcome. Other game-of-chance-cum-jewelry incarnations include rings with dual bands of card numbers on the left and suits on the right, spinners with simple Yes/No blocks, and a Rock, Paper, Scissors model.

The dice rings' stainless steel composition resists scratches, dents, and, according to creators Aaron and Sam "unorthodox abuse" such as bitch slapping a troll. Colors Spinner Kickstarter backers will be able to choose from are:

  • Black with Steel engraving
  • Blue with Steel engraving
  • Gold with Steel engraving
  • Rose-Gold with Steel engraving

Project funding has already reached astronomical proportions--at printing, nearly $180,000 had been pledged. The guys were asking for a paltry $23,000. Those interested in getting first dibs on the rings have until December 22, 2012 to make their move. Single rings run $15, with price breaks available for multiple rings at incrementally higher backing amounts, all the way up to $800 for one of every style and in every color combination of ring made. Anticipated delivery date is February 2013. Happy dice spinning!

November 2013 Update: Dice Rings far exceeded their crowdfunding goal and are now available for direct purchase through maker CritSuccess' website--follow the link below.

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