Defender Rings - Stylish Self-Defense Rings for Women

Posted: November 21, 2018
Defender Rings - Stylish Self-Defense Rings for Women
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While pretty in their pearl and flower styles, Defender Rings carry a deeper purpose under their surface. Figuratively and literally. The self defense rings for women have baubles on top that unscrew to reveal a sharp hidden blade mounted below. During an assault, the Defender Ring's deeper purpose is to go deeper.

Deeper enough to tear through human skin, slash at nerves and blood vessels, and maybe even cut to muscle and bone.

Defender Rings are stylish and comfortable pieces of jewelry for women who want a protective boost that's easy to carry, easy to access, and inconspicuous until they need it. Rings have clean, minimal designs for everyday wear by moms, young professionals, runners, and any woman who has to head out alone.

The hidden spikes inside Defender Rings 5mm double-sided curved blades with pointed tips. They measure 2mm in width at their base, with a 1mm thick spine. Defender Ring says the blades are "capable of stabbing or slicing an assailant, drawing blood, and inflicting pain."

The company also says the process of unscrewing the ring top to expose its blade takes under 1 second, but I do wonder how legit that claim is. Especially in the midst of an attack, when you're freaked out and fumbling, and may not be able to employ the fine motor skills of both hands. Then again, the same argument could be made for any type of pepper spray or other self defense tool too.

Defender Rings currently come in 4 different designs: Pearl; Rose: Plumeria; and 3 Spheres. You can also buy ring tops separately and swap them out for variety.

Though perhaps a little ominous to open on Christmas morning or Valentine's Day, Defender Rings are still a top Dude pick for anyone looking for gifts for women.

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