CUFF Notification & 911 Smart Bracelet

Posted: September 27, 2015

Give your lady an extra layer of connectivity and safety when she's on her own...and, OK, feel a little better walking through a sketch area yourself when the two of you are together...with CUFF jewelry. The CUFF bracelet starts as your standard looking wide leather cuff. It has a decorative shredded leather design dotted with gold rivets, and a snap closure. Along the inside though, the bracelet has also been fitted with a removable CUFF module, a device with a Bluetooth link to the wearer's smartphone that enables her to set the jewelry to vibrate with certain incoming notifications, or send an outgoing notification to designated contacts asking for help during an emergency.

In the event a CUFF wearer needs help she can press on the bracelet to activate an alert message, which will dispense to predetermined, user-selected contacts through the CUFF app. The notification will include the wearer's location and prompts on how to send physical aid. At printing, CUFF was also working on incorporating a live streaming audio feed of what's going on at the scene of the emergency.

On a daily basis, CUFF also facilitates not being a self-absorbed phone addict without losing all connectivity. Even if phones must disappear during business or social events, the CUFF module can be programmed to allow certain contacts to "break through" and vibrate the bracelet. So no one has to stay glued to a screen and field countless Facebook alerts and dick pic texts from an ill-advised Tinder date when the only thing that's truly more important at this moment than enjoying drinks with Wine Store Checkout Tom would be a booty call text from 6-Pack Tim from the Gym.

In addition to the shredded leather smart bracelet, CUFF will release a smart sport band, pendant, and tiled bracelet. The same CUFF module can be transferred between all pieces.

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