Control-Alt-Delete Knuckle Duster Ring

Posted: September 27, 2017
Control-Alt-Delete Knuckle Duster Ring
$40 - $50
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Bill Gates recently said he thinks Control-Alt-Delete was a mistake, but I'll bet if he saw the Control-Alt-Delete Knuckle Duster Ring he'd reconsider. Sure, programming Windows' universal Abort! command as 3 keys instead of one requires users to...press 3 keys instead of 1...but, like an unplanned 4th child, now that we have this duster of joy, this physical embodiment of the 3-finger salute, in our lives how could he ever regret having made it?

Designed and handmade by Etsy shop Joy Complex, the Control-Alt-Delete Knuckle Duster Ring isn't just a fitting gift for a geek, it's a terrific way to shut down the co-worker who won't stop yammering and the ex who keeps showing up to work things out.

And, no, I don't mean you should punch them in the face.

Just flash them the fist. Crtrl+Alt+Delete. A succinct way to say, WTF is wrong with you?! Stop what you're doing immediately, and go away!

Joy Complex will smith your Control-Alt-Delete Ring out of vintage steel, bronze steel, rough gray steel, or gold steel.

Muchas danke to Technabob.

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