Carbon Fiber Tire Tread Rings

Posted: June 23, 2016
Off-Road Tread Carbon Fiber Rings
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Jason Olsen of Venture Custom Shop doesn't just design and make all of his carbon fiber tire tread rings himself, he designs and makes the machinery that makes the rings he makes himself. A CNC machinist and programmer, Olson spends his downtime crafting what, for off-road and motorcycle enthusiasts, could prove to be the best thing about getting married. Hey, you're already giving her a lifelong commitment. At least the ring that pronounces as much should be a reflection of your own damn self.

Tire tread rings are of course suitable for single men too. Olsen designs them in 9 different styles, each made of 100% satin black carbon fiber, so there's no shiny finish to wear off. This keeps the rings game for participating in the activities they represent--dirt, grit, oil, and gas won't tarnish or screw them up. And since carbon fiber is both incredibly lightweight and incredibly, you'll end up with a ring that weighs less than 0.4 grams, but can "literally hold millions of times its weight." And if it doesn't, Olsen notes that the rings can be cut off in an emergency with a standard tool firefighters carry for this express purpose (the cutter can penetrate titanium and carbon fiber, but not cobalt or tungsten carbide.)

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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