Beardaments - Beard Ornaments

Posted: November 30, 2017
Beardaments - Beard Ornaments
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If Santa approved of beard ornaments I think he would have invented Beardaments - or at least worn some - himself. Unless he's just leaving Beardaments to those they can really benefit. To all the lumberjacks and hipsters out there who need a little Santa Claus charisma. A little something extra to help them stand out around the ladies, amongst their families filled with Golden Boy older brothers, and amidst the sea of ugly Christmas sweaters at holiday parties. Simply having a big, bushy Santa beard just isn't enough anymore.

Beardaments attach to beards of most length, plus mustaches, hair, and pet fur, with built-in mini clips that are hopefully easier to manage than the mangled nest of wire hooks my fiancee dumped on our coffee table when we put up the tree last weekend. They say the little balls themselves are lightweight and won't irritate facial hair, but I doubt there's any way in follicular hell you could wear a set and not feel them pulling and bouncing around all night. The price of beauty, though, it is steep.

Beardaments come in packs of 12 and include gold, green, red, and silver colors.

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