You're Too Close Baseball Hat

Posted: May 07, 2018
You're Too Close Baseball Hat
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Did a Redditor make this "You're too close" baseball hat, or did someone else just figure out they could make enough to retire selling them to Redditors? Because if there were one piece of headwear I'd guess at least 60% of the people of Reddit would feel has their feelings about other human beings IRL embroidered all over it, it would be a dad hat that says, "You're too close" on it.

Oh, but question: when the Babe Ruth did people start calling baseball hats "dad hats?" Number one, is this an old thing and I'm just so old I missed it? And number two, WTF? "Dad hat" sounds like an insult. Am I also so old I missed that baseball hats are no longer cool or acceptable to wear unless you've got the KEEN UNEEK sandals to go with them?

Whatever. "Dad hat" my balding head. Hey, hey, no! Don't look! Step back! You're too close!

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