Santa Beard Beanie

Posted: December 10, 2012
Santa Beard Beanie
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Ho, ho ho, yo. It's a kitschy hipster beanie hipster kitsched up a little more with the addition of a festive Santa Claus red knit hat and white beard. I've seen quite a few of these making the Web rounds this season, but most seem to be crocheted with wool yarn primed to evoke an itch that lasts for days, complemented by a nasty rash encircling the mouth. Beard Beanie's version opts for a thinsulate knit hat-acrylic beard combination that at least looks a little more comfortable, and like something one might actually want to wear as Skiing Santa trickin' it out down the slopes.

Santa Beard Beanies are one-piece accessories that pull on like a mask and hug tight to cranio-facial bone structures. Beards are all handmade in Northern Utah, so once orders are placed, they may take up to 5 days to ship.

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