Safe Eyes Mesh No-Fog Safety Goggles

Posted: November 11, 2016
Safe Eyes Mesh No-Fog Safety Goggles

The dust is kicked up from here to next Tuesday! The fit's hitting the shan! Save yourself from unidentified flying objects! Safe Eyes Mesh Safety Goggles won't help when the figurative dust and fit, or alien-inhabited UFOS, invade your life, but for the literal debris circulating in the air around you, these multi-use glasses say they'll protect your eyes and maintain your vision fog-free.

You can wear Safe Eyes to do anything from chainsawing and hedge trimming to quad and mountain biking. The goggles have replaced traditional, fog-prone polycarbonate lenses with a thin stainless steel mesh lens plate that allows consistent airflow during wear. The standard Safe Eyes shown here have 0.3mm ligatures and 0.7mm holes in the mesh to block out fine to medium particles. If you need further particulate protection the company also makes a fine mesh version with 0.15mm ligatures and 0.4mm holes. Both sets of goggles can be worn without impairing vision.

Safe Eyes frames are made of pliable rubber that conforms to your face, and should remain comfortable for all-day wear. A non-slip head strap is adjustable to fit around helmets and inordinately large heads.

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