Nose Warmers

Posted: October 07, 2021
Nose Warmers
$6.04 - $15.11
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Although a bit strange, Krystyna Dulinska's nose warmers are also a bit adorable. Especially the ones she crochets into animals, such as tigers and koalas and, my favorite, the sheep. Two wood stick thumbs up for the snowman-style carrot nose warmer too.

But back to the "a bit strange part." Nose warmers also come in simple, colorful half-dome styles. And those nose warmers look like, uh, simple, colorful ball gags for your nose.

Dulinska handmakes all of her nose gags...er, nose warmers in a smoke-free home, and sells them through her Etsy shop, Florfanka. Check them out if you could use something to protect your freeze-prone sniffer from winter's chill, or if you need a gift for your girlfriend who is always cold.

And maybe a little kinky.

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