Full Face Trapper Hat with Goggles

Posted: December 08, 2020
Full Face Trapper Hat with Goggles
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Goofy? Yes. Overkill? Maybe. But let's also review all the ways in which this full face trapper hat - with goggles! - is exactly the piece of headwear you need right now. Or at least need to get as a gift for your girlfriend, since it also comes in pink.

  1. Frigid temperatures, I thumb my teeth at you! Or I would if I could access my teeth. The full face trapper hat truly covers my full entire face. No windchill busting through this baby, be it on the ski slopes, or on the front sidewalk shoveling snow.
  2. Hat + sunglasses + pandemic-ready face mask in one!
  3. Facial recognition software, Ring Doorbells, ex-boss, black-hearted ex-girlfriend Karen, and father-in-law who might otherwise recognize me when we pass on the street - ha! You got nothin'!
  4. This sick trapper hat is modular, with snaps, zippers, and Velcro that make it wearable in a number of different ways, and such that it can reveal one or more parts of your head per your choosing. If it's not sunny, slide the goggles out of your eyes. If you're too hot, unzip the neck cuff. If you want to take a mondo bite of a mondo chili cheese dog, unsnap the mouth cover.
  5. I mentioned the full face trapper hat comes in pink. It also comes in black, for those who want to go full on Ninja...or winter-ready BDSM.

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