Dry Erase Rally Flip Caps

Posted: August 13, 2014
Dry Erase Rally Flip Caps
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Dry Erase Snapback Rally Flip Caps are kind of like bumper stickers for your head. Except they don't stick there permanently until you scrape them off with Avon products and razor blades. Available in 6-panel, trucker, and forthcoming visor forms, the Express Yourself! hats can not only be applied and removed at will, but also project to the world clever phrases and beliefs as changing as your impulses and moods. Hmmm...so maybe Rally Flip Caps are more like Tweets than bumper stickers. But with some additional personal accountability given that the girl you like's d-bag boyfriend Brad will be able to see your face, and possibly punch you in it, as soon as you Rally Flip Tweet, "My sources say Brad eats wiener."

Dry Erase Snapbacks have a 6" x 2-1/2" dry erase board incorporated into their bills. When not in use they snap shut along the hat's main structure, maintaining the look of a normal ball cap. And when you're feeling the call of the pen--an included black dry erase marker--the boards flip 90 degrees upward, standing tall along their cap's front end.

Rally Flip Cap currently offers 6 different styles/colors of its Dry Erase Snapback: 6-panel traditional caps with either black or white interiors; trucker style hats with black, white, or grey mesh interiors; and the black visor.

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