DexShell Waterproof Watch Beanie

Posted: October 31, 2022
DexShell Waterproof Watch Beanie
$23.97 - $36.99
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You may not be singin' in the rain wearing a DexShell Waterproof Watch Beanie, but if you're out when the wet drops start to plop, at least your head will stay dry as you run, hike, camp, fish, walk to work, walk the dog, or do the walk of shame.

DexShell upgrades the classic beanie hat with waterproof, windproof, thermal, and breathable layers. The outer shell is 70% acrylic and 30% wool, and the microfleece lining 94% polyester and 6% elastane. These two layers sandwich a Porelle Membrane, the beanie's 75% breathable, 100% waterproof barrier that will keep your hair and head cozy and dry.

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