Crocheted Optimus Prime Helmet

Posted: March 28, 2013
Crocheted Optimus Prime Helmet

My grandma used to crochet me things. Yeah, used to. Like she used to make me waffles from scratch. Then she got lazy and just hoped I wouldn't notice when she started replacing the once bountiful discs cratered with crispy, hot-off-the-iron square reservoirs with limp, lackluster Eggos she popped out of the toaster. They were always still frozen in the center, Nana! Needless to say, I had to get a new grandma to make me waffles. And I'll bet that if I want one of these phenomenal Optimus Prime helmets, I'll have to get a second new grandma from BriAbby to crotchet me one of them too.

I wonder if the Transformers on Cybertron have grandmas to make them woven yarn hats in the likenesses of Earth's great human leaders, such as Abraham Lincoln and Tom Brady and Chuck Norris.

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