Cache Cap

Posted: April 27, 2021
Cache Cap
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Become a real head case! I don't know how comfy-cozy it would be to use a Cache Cap to stash your valuables, survival gear, or EDC - what are those, fishing hooks and a SAK blade in the photo? - but the idea is sure cool.

The Cache Cap joins the Cache Belt in Wazoo Survival Gear's line of hidden pocket accessories. The Cache Cap is structured like any other baseball cap, but contains 6 covert compartments in its dome and brim, all accessible from the interior, and virtually undetectable from the exterior. Three of the pockets are in the hat's dome, one is a hook-and-loop closure pocket in the middle of the brim, and the last two are narrow slot pockets, also on the brim.

Cache Caps come in either ripstop nylon or chico twill fabric choices, and 5 different colors.

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