Bose Frames Open-Ear Audio & AR Sunglasses

Posted: July 16, 2019
Bose Frames Open-Ear Audio & AR Sunglasses
$199 - $228
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I thought for sure Bose Frames, the sound mack's new audio sunglasses, would be bone conduction shades, but nope. Bose has something else up their sleeve to shove down our canals: open-ear audio courtesy of miniaturized Bose speakers embedded in the sunglasses' temples.

Don't worry, though, wearing Bose Frames and rocking out, or taking private phone calls, won't make you like the dudes on the trail with their clip-on speakers, blasting Mr. Big for all fellow hikers and creatures of nature to hear. According to Bose, their tech allows for "rich, immersive sound for you while others hear practically nothing."

Bose Frames come in Alto wayfarer and Rondo round black nylon frame designs, each with a choice of lens colors. The shades themselves have a low key, classic look - better for avoiding thieves who might recognize and rip them off your face - and still perform their original job of blocking 99% of UVA / UVB rays.

From there, the sunglasses Bose out with Bluetooth connectivity for pairing to your phone or music device, the open-ear listening configuration, and 3-1/2 hours of streaming time (12 hours standby) per charge. Bose Frames are also BOSE AR-enabled. Bose AR is the company's new and growing augmented reality platform featuring travel, exercise, educational, and gaming experiences.

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