Batman Sleep Mask

Posted: January 04, 2019
Batman Sleep Mask
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I am Batman! ... In my dreams. Which makes this Batman Sleep Mask an especially welcome addition to bedtime in the house of Dude. The Dark Knight logo is cut out as a 3D memory foam eye mask too, so its eye cavities will impose no pressure on yours as a you sleep, and the soft, odor-free material will always bounce back to its original shape, even after a night of tossing and turning through a battle with Bane.

The Batman Sleep Mask's contoured nose also fits snug enough to keep all pricks of light from poking through. An elastic Velcro strap made of "tiny particles" (yeah, I don't know either; must be a new Wayne Industries development) adjusts the mask to fit your head, and keeps it from grabbing and pulling at your hair.

The Batman Sleep Mask would make a great superhero gift for DC Comics fans, as well as spawn an interesting Dark Knight Bird Box Challenge mashup.

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