Alchemi Labs Heat-Reflective Sun Cap

Posted: March 20, 2019
Alchemi Labs Heat-Reflective Sun Cap
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Look closely at an Alchemi Labs Sun Cap and the heat-reflective "radiant barrier technology" covering its top and bill miiiight remind you of sequins. Which in turn might remind you of your 8-year-old's dance recital. Or the jogging suit your mother-in-law always wears. Or, ugh, glitter.

But if you're looking into purchasing an Alchemi Labs Sun Cap, chances are you regularly get hotter than a stripper on a midday pole in the sun in the summer, and if a way to enjoy some cooling relief that doesn't involve giving up and going back to the AC, or shoving an ice cream cone down your pants, means you gotta sport some sequins, well, hey. You won't even see them once you put the Sun Cap on your head.

Alchemi Sun Cap "sequins" are actually a space industry textile the Labs say is able to reflect up to 80% of the sun's heat waves. In addition, they're healthy hats, blocking 99.8% of UV rays at the same time. The rest of the cap design features "aggressive ventilation" and a sweatband lining that wicks moisture.

For those of you who prefer even more of a Dad-approved style to your headwear, check out Alchemi Labs' River Hats.

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