The Scruffie Leg & Neck Shaver

Posted: June 03, 2022
The Scruffie Leg & Neck Shaver
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According to the Scruffie leg and neck shaver, "The Scruffie is a shaving tool that allows you to shave your legs and back of the neck." My question is: but is it? Is this razor with a hydra's worth of heads really going to wrap around your legs or neck and de-follicle them in a single stroke? Or is it just going to slide around and lose skin contact at random spots along its path, leaving behind body parts that are nicked, bloody, and dotted with random patches of unshaved stubble?

The latter sounds more in line with the M.O. of all the 5-headed beasts I know. The Greek water serpent. My Aunt Jan. My ex-girlfriend Karen. My wife when I don't dry off the rubber ring inside the washing machine, or leave the detergent drawer open to air out.

But, hey, maybe the Scruffie works wonders, and is in fact the Hercules of leg and neck grooming products. I think one good way to find out would be to buy one as a Father's Day gift for Dad, and let the old man test it for you. Or maybe everyone at the Sunday BBQ will want to have a Scruffie go. If nothing else, a bendy silicone thread of 5 razors in a row will be the conversation piece of the family gathering.

Unless, that is, your sister gives Dad a Penis Surprise Apron.

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