The PLUCK Nose Hair & Ear Hair Remover

Posted: August 23, 2020
The PLUCK Nose Hair & Ear Hair Remover
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This is what PLUCK has to say about PLUCK: "PLUCK is a new kind of nose and ear hair remover. It is the best of both worlds." The best of both worlds, huh? Any chance those worlds are the Acathla and Wolfram & Hart hell dimensions from the Buffyverse? Because PLUCK looks more like SEIZE & TEAR WITH A SIDE OF BLOODSHED to me.

Right in line with edition 56 of What Is This Thing?

Still, giving PLUCK another chance to say things about its nose and ear hair removal process, I read the coiled metal end that looks like a Slinky o' torment is a "unique mechanism [that] makes it quick and virtually painless." Even as the instructions for use tell you to press the tweezing coil against your hairy nose / ear skin, squeeze the blue handles together to trap hair, and then "jerk those buggers out."

Shiver. Ladies seem to like beards and mustaches these days. Is a little nose and ear hair along with them really that bad?

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