RipFix Hand Tear Repair

Posted: August 04, 2015
RipFix Hand Tear Repair
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Well here's one downside to physical activity: nasty, torn-up palms. Check this out. If you can do it without gagging. Large chunks of skin ripped violently from a dude's hands in the name of "working out?" I hope he likes his ropes, rings, and bars better than he likes his alone time, because there's going to be no cleaning the rifle under his covers for at least a week with flesh flayed like that. Right?

Not so, according to RipFix. The jar of hand tear repair says its secret salve soothes rips instantly, getting users back to training...and tenderizing the tube steak...in a day or two. Though made by athletes specifically for hand tears, RipFix can also treat heels and cuticles cracked from dryness, rashes, eczema, chapped lips, cuts, scrapes, and chafed areas. Application is also appropriate for tattoo aftercare.

For best results, RipFix recommends use as soon as possible after a tear occurs, an then every night before bed until healed.

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