Philips DIY Hair Clippers with Head Shaver Attachment

Posted: April 25, 2020
Philips DIY Hair Clippers with Head Shaver Attachment

I'm not trying to make self-haircut kits a recurring series or anything, but they are an item of high interest right now, and the Philips Headgroom, DIY hair clippers with a head shaver attachment, bring a little something different than Remington's Shortcut Pro and cordless Vacuum Self-Haircut Kit to the bathroom sink.

Plus, these DIY groomers just keep selling out, so it's nice to have some options.

Like the Remington Vacuum Clippers, the Philips Headgroom has a typical elongated handle (though no chamber and vacuum to suck up cut hair) and various cutting attachments for length and finishing. If you decide to go all the way, it also includes a head shaver attachment for marble-smooth results. More notably, the Philips DIY clippers have a 180-degree rotating head, so you can position the attachments more precisely on your own, and reach the entirety of your melon's surface area.

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