No Batteries Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Posted: November 30, 2018
No Batteries Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer
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I guess some aliens prefer nasal probes. Self-administered via mind control from the looks of it. Hey dude, I know it says "Chooling Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer" on the box, but are you sure you want to put that thing where you're about to put it? What if it latches on and crawls inside?

Or, wait. Is something more dangerous already inside? A tracker embedded in your brain you're about to pull out Doug Quaid-style?

No? Just an overgrown bush of nose hair? Alright then, go ahead.

The Chooling Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer is a battery-free hair-in-weird-places groomer suitable for both men and women. It's a tiny little thing. Pocket-sized for EDC and quick correction of that nostril follicle that's gone askew, and is poking out juuust enough that you think your date might be able to see it. And even if s/he can't see it all you can think about now is that maybe s/he can.

Made of brushed stainless steel, the trimmer works one-handed, with a squeeze of its wings, to activate a set of blades. Slightly concerning is that Chooling warns it might take some practice to get the tool's position and hair "trap" motion right. So, uh, what happens if you screw up? You get nothing? You get the trimmer stuck tangled in a wad of nose or ear hair? You end up trimming off a layer of nose and ear skin too?

I think I'll pass...this along to my father-in-law for Christmas. A great gift for the boss too!

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