Nail Fungus Repair Pen

Posted: October 04, 2019
Nail Fungus Repair Pen

Gah! Gah! Gah! This nail fungus repair pen is fine, great even, in and of itself, but Puriderma's Proof That It Works! photos? Gah! Gah! Gah! I'm about to lose my lunch, and I haven't even had lunch yet today. Toenails with fungal infections are naaaasty. No wonder people who have them are jumping all over a Nail Repair Pen that (says it) will get crusty, cracking, yellowing spores the hell away from their feet.

Seriously, if you're OMG gross! about stuff at all, don't look at the third photo in the images above. It's worse than the Baby Foot.

According to Puriderma, the Nail Repair Pen, for both toenails and fingernails, will produce results after just one week of continuous use, though total onychomycosis annihilation will take around 8. You'll also need to apply a layer of the gelatinous liquid on the affected nails 3 times a day. You can put it on unaffected nails too, if you want, as the Repair Pen is designed to prevent nails problems as well as fixing them.

The Nail Repair Pen is safe and gentle for anyone who isn't a kid or preggo. Pro Tip: try not to get it mixed up with your teeth whitening pen.

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