Mighty Patch Pimple Patch

Posted: June 19, 2021
Mighty Patch Pimple Patch
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Pimple. Zit. Acne. Pus volcano. Blemish if you're being fancy. The Mighty Patch Pimple Patch destroys them all. At least according to Mighty Patch themselves, who say their medical-grade hydrocolloid sticker "absorbs more pimple gunk" than any other pimple gunk absorber on the market, producing noticeable pimple gunk reduction overnight.

Mighty Patch recommends applying their adhesive dressing before bedtime, but since the 36-pack of dots are ultra-thin, with a translucent matte finish, they shouldn't be too noticeable if you decide to wear a Mighty Patch during the day. At least not as noticeable as that giant, pulsing red abscess about to erupt on your forehead.

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