Kai Paper Razor - Eco-Friendly Origami Razor

Posted: April 17, 2021
Kai Paper Razor - Eco-Friendly Origami Razor
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The Paper Razor from Japanese brand Kai Group is an experiment in sustainable single-use shaving gear. And also a test of your origami game every time you want to get rid of that 3-day stubble. Or finally realize the COVID beard has got to go.

True to its name, the Paper Razor is made of paper. Well, around 90% paper anyway. The head and blade are still your standard metal, but Kai's goal with their design was "deplasticization," an elimination of plastic waste in disposable razors.

In addition to green living, the Paper Razor was developed with travelers in mind. It packs flat, to a thickness of 3mm, and weighs just 4 grams. The razor is good for just one, maybe two, uses before you can detach and recycle its body, and dispose of the head.

And to address the origami elephant in the room, yes, Kai realizes shaving is typically a water-based process, and they are offering you a razor made of cardboard, a material that can't wait to go limp and useless when it gets wet. Still, they say the Paper Razor is water-resistant for its limited use, even in hot water up to 104 degrees F.

If you're still not buying it, no problem. You probably can't anyway. At printing, the Paper Razer was set to release on April 22, 2021, in limited quantities, and only in Japan.

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