Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap

Posted: November 25, 2016
Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap
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This Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap prides itself on being made in America, with only real ingredients you can pronounce! It's also big and rich on the lather, and lube-a-licious on the razor for a cushioned and comfortable shave! Oh, and the ladies will love the shea butter peaks on these Himalayas for the smooth and moisturized, but oil-free skin they leave in their wake! Not to mention...yeah OK, enough of that. This is not a cure for cancer. Or even a cure for, like, acne or dull skin. It's a bar of soap.

Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap is a disc of mug-ready suds that comes in a nice package and has a sophisticated British-sounding name. Its true #1 selling point is that it's a cheap, no-brainer (but not entirely thoughtless) gift for uncles and third cousins and the stockings of pubescent sons you want to teach to shave like a man.

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