Flaus Eco-Friendly Electric Flosser

Posted: May 02, 2021
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Flaus hopes to be the hygiene gadget that finally makes you want to floss. Or at least convinces you to floss even if you don't want to so, according to the electric flosser's makers, "you never have to lie to your dentist again."

Essentially an electric toothbrush with flossing rather than brushing heads, Flaus uses up to 12,000 sonic vibrations per minute to glide between teeth and shake up the gunk squatting there, removing plaque and debris with the same thoroughness as finger floss, but more gently, more hygienically, and without cutting off the circulation to your fingers.

I hope Flaus floss heads have got some strong floss cords strung up to them too, because the #1 thing I hate about floss is that my stupid Glide or Reach or whatever always breaks off between my teeth, so half my effort ends up going towards flossing the flossin' floss out.

Though it looks and feels a lot like an electric toothbrush, Flaus does up its predecessor in at least one area: its eco-friendly flossing heads. Each head is good for just one use, but the tiny attachments are compostable or recyclable, made of 100% biodegradable ingredients.

At printing, Flaus was available for preorder on IndieGoGo. Each purchase comes with the Flaus electric flosser, along with a 3-month supply of Flaus heads.

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