Encompass 20-Second Half-Mouth Electric Toothbrush

Posted: October 18, 2019
$99 - $109
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Come on, Encompass, have we really gotten to the point that two minutes of toothbrushing is too long? Now we need to cut out 100 of the 120 seconds we're meant to spare on cavity prevention and proper oral hygiene a couple times a day?

Yep. Play the disgusted-with-society card here if you like, but my guess is that if the Encompass half-mouth electric toothbrush works as claimed, anyone who currently brushes their teeth is going to be interested in how they can get the job done in just 20 seconds a pop. Myself included.

I'm also curious to find out if using the half-mouth design of the Encompass Toothbrush will eliminate the twice-daily bouts of uncontrollable drooling I currently experience with my Sonicare.

From the Blizzident to the Amabrush, fast 'n' dirty toothbrushing has made the rounds before, but haven't managed to do more than make a crowdfunding splash. Whether or not the Encompass fares any better is, I guess, a product of how much money that isn't crowdfunding dollars the toothbrush has backing it.

The Encompass brush head, made to encompass all 3 sides of half your teeth at once, has a self-adjusting shape, so it should fit most mouths, and teeth both perfect and imperfect. To use the electric brush, all you have to do is hold it in place for 10 seconds on one side, and then 10 more on the other. Encompass uses a patented Air Pump System to administer 100 brush strokes per second, gently and quietly, along the teeth and gum line.

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