Elephant Ear Earwax Remover

Posted: April 19, 2016
Elephant Ear Earwax Remover
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The Elephant Ear Earwax Remover is kind of funny, kind of gross, and really, really life-changing. For me anyway. I mean, I thought I was going deaf. I was Googling cochlear implants. I learned the term "cochlear implants." But when I went to an ENT, he said my ear parts were all fine, I just had about 30 years of wax buildup barricading them off from the rest of the world. (Hey, don't judge me. I asked for Q-Tips every single Christmas, but my mama was always like, "No! You'll poke your ear out!")

Elephant Ear, which looks like a bottle of Windex with a hose for a spout...oh wait, it's a trunk! Ha! I figured it was called Elephant Ear just because it's for people with elephantine quantities of wax clogging their canals, but this makes the name doubly awesome!

So the Elephant Ear bottle system has a trunk that inserts into the opening of a waxy ear and then guides the flow of a peroxide and warm water solution into it. Users should tilt the ear getting ear-igated towards their shoulder and hold, or have their friend Cornelius hold, some sort of catch basin underneath the earlobe to catch the water that will trickle out. As the bottle empties, it will draw up wax deposits and drive them out of the ear as well.

This Elephant Ear set includes 1 x wash bottle and 3 x disposable tips.

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