EDC Titanium Earpick

Posted: March 05, 2020
EDC Titanium Earpick
$19.90 - $25.49
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An earpick, also known as an ear spoon or ear scoop, is a super sexy tool for ignoring your mama's advice and digging out all that gooey (or dry and flaky) earwax from your ear canals. And, with MecArmy's EDC Titanium Earpick, sized perfectly for slipping on your keychain, it's for earwax-diggin on the go.

Practical, probably even desirable to most of us for personal use, but when you think of other dudes walking around with a used Titanium Earpick dangling from their keychain..add one more entry to my list of things that make you go ewww.

The EDC Titanium Earpick is, yep, made of titanium, but also fitted with G10 carbon fiber plates on the front and back. Total length is 81.2mm, and you can go earwax fishing with your choice of 2 earpick colors.

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