Dr. Sheffield's Chocolate Toothpaste

Posted: November 25, 2020
Dr. Sheffield's Chocolate Toothpaste
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Chocolate, a food typically associated with causing cavities, is now used to prevent them? What witchcraft is your Chocolate Toothpaste, Dr. Sheffield?

Furthermore, the Chocolate Toothpaste tube says you should use this tooth shampoo to "freshen breath, whiten teeth, and reduce plaque." While I can't say I know anything about chocolate's plaque-fighting powers, I would think chocolate breath and chocolate-colored teeth would not go very far in accomplishing the first two.

Dr. Sheffield, your Chocolate Toothpaste is going to be a hard pass for me.

Those of you who need gifts for kids, stocking stuffers, or gag gifts (perhaps literally) might keep Dr. Sheffield's Chocolate Toothpaste in mind.

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