CrossFloss Hands-Free Flossing Tool

Posted: February 23, 2018

I am definitely CrossFloss' target audience. The person who doesn't floss because it's tedious and time-consuming. And also because it makes me drool everywhere and I have a few teeth that are pressed so tight together that the floss usually breaks off in between them, and then I have to floss to get the floss out of my teeth.

CrossFloss provides a hands-free flossing option to people like me, or anyone who isn't flossing regularly for their own high maintenance reasons. The CrossFloss tool looks like a little bird cage, with segments of floss for the bars. To use it you place it between a couple of teeth, and then roll it back and forth with your jaw, biting down enough to let the floss drop into the gaps. The second video in the gallery above does a good close-up, slo-mo demo.

Which, I gotta say, doesn't look very comfortable or good for your jaw.

But CrossFloss says their new method and tool are "designed to be safe in every thinkable way, from materials to the unlikely event of swallowing." They also report the roll 'n' dig 'n' wiggle CrossFlossing process is more natural than you'd think, like chewing gum rather than using dental sticks.

And in addition to using the CrossFloss hands-free, you can also do it with your mouth closed, so flossing can become part of your morning commute, or the CrossFloss can be the new fidget toy you bring with you to meetings.

At printing, CrossFloss was still in production stages - they ran a Kickstarter campaign in May of 2017, but funding was not successful. If you're interested in checking the oral crevice cleaner out, you can sign up for notifications on the CrossFloss website.

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