CHIIZ Hands-Free Sonic-Powered Toothbrush

Posted: June 05, 2018
CHIIZ Hands-Free Sonic-Powered Toothbrush

The CHIIZ hands-free sonic-powered toothbrush, just like your mama, wants to know if you really brush your teeth for the requisite 2 minutes, twice a day? According to the recommended "Bass Brushing" technique of tiny little strokes with your toothbrush held at a 45-degree angle to your gums?

Psssh! Of course you don't. Of course I don't anyway. Sorry, CHIIZ. Sorry, Mama.

CHIIZ though, unlike your mama, isn't here to reprimand you, or send you on a first class guilt trip to get you to change your habits. It thinks it can change them for you. Because this mouthpiece-shaped toothbrush with hundreds of tiny silicone bristles does all of the work - from brushing to angling to timing to getting in between all the crevices of your mouth - all by itself.

Like other handheld sonic toothbrushes, CHIIZ tech creates subtle vibrations of its bristles to clean your teeth. But it does it faster and with way less of your effort thanks to a U-shape that allows the bristles to cover or access all sides of your teeth at once. When you bite down on the CHIIZ you activate the motion, 25,000 brush strokes per minute, angled at the ideal 45 degrees. You'll need just 30 seconds of holding the CHIIZ in your mouth and...doing anything else you want with your hands...before your teeth cleaning is complete.

CHIIZ, when it launches on Kickstarter (expected June 2018) will sell with its own toothpaste. The toothpaste bubbles up in response to the sonic vibrations, further penetrating the effect. You can use non-CHIIZ liquid mouthwash and liquid toothpaste (or diluted pasty toothpaste) with the brush too.

CHIIZ is adjustable to different mouths, albeit not every mouth out there, with a M and L mouthpiece included in each package. This is in contrast to another, similar hands-free toothbrush already available, the Blizzident. Blizzident brushes require you to visit the dentist to get upper and lower teeth impressions taken. Then the Blizzidentists turn those impressions into a chewable toothbrush that fits your mouth alone. And, yes, I said "chewable." The Blizzident is powered not by sonic tech, but by your jaw chewing up and down on its sea creature of soft bristles.

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