Your Face Stamp

Posted: March 14, 2014
Your Face Stamp
$65 - $100
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Haha, all dudes in a relationship are about to get the gift of a rubber couples' stamp. Every envelope, every paper lunch sack, every note to empty the dishwasher and fix the toilet and change the filter in the air conditioner and maybe even your left butt cheek every now and then is going to be emblazoned with His & Her schmoopy faces forevermore. Or until you break up. At which point the stamp will be chucked at your head and then burned at a Bad Juju party. Me, I'm getting Stamp Yo Face's custom-made portrait stamp of the one mug I'll never part with or grow tired of: mine.

The choice is yours though. Stamp Yo Face can turn your best photo into either a 1" x 1" solo or a 2" x 2" duo rubber stamp for leaving a mark all over life's ink-receptive mediums. It's kind of like a fingerprint, but better because it's your whole entire face and doesn't require special chemicals to become visible. (Note: Custom portrait stamps are not recommended accessories for spies and criminals.) You can also have your pet immortalized in stamp form. Even better, you can find a horrible picture of your friend Cornelius drunk and droopy-eyed and drooling and have that beauty cooked up in rubber. And stamp his entire drunk-ass face with his other drunk-ass face the next time he passes out drunk.

To convert yourself or someone you love (or hate) to a rubber stamp, Stamp Yo Face will email you requesting a representative photo after you've made a single/couple/pet stamp purchase. Company artists will convert the photo to a hand-drawn, and then digitized line drawing for stamp creation. Once complete, stamp packages ship along with the original hand-drawn portrait, the digital file of it, and a black ink pad.

Muchas danke to Uncrate.

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