X-Ray Leggings

Posted: October 20, 2012
X-Ray Leggings
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X-Ray Leggings have images of real bones digitally printed on their front and back. With an inexplicable collection of screws, broken femurs, and hip replacements decorating the gluteus maximus side. Oh, actually the explanation is that the piecing together of the skeleton represents the wearer's inner toughness in the face of grueling workouts and pain. So I guess they are meant to be worn to exercise, not to wear while walking back and forth in front of me as I sit staring in the park.

X-Ray Leggings are from the wheelhouse of Nike, who are the last people I'd peg to create the coolest pair of ass enhancers since Black Milk's Anatomical Leggings. The athletic tights have a Dri-FIT material base that will wick away the sweat and drool flying off of those who see a hot chick in killer shape wearing them.

Muchas danke to Hi Consumption.

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