Voice & Motion Activated Prank Stickers

Posted: August 07, 2017
Voice & Motion Activated Prank Stickers
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More sticker fun for the office and airport pranksters. A 50-pack of Voice & Motion Activated prank stickers, my college friends, seem like a necessary addition to your suitcase when you head back to the dorm too.

Life is all about the simple joys. What could be more simply joyful that smacking a Motion Activated notice on a lobby door, or a Voice Activated command on the sodie machine? And when you see people comply with the stickers, but get nowhere?

You keep watching. For their waves to get harder, their voices to get louder. Their dancing around. Their yelling. Their frustration. Your joy, joy, joy.

No, it's cool to relish the prank. Karma will get you back next week when you try to plug your phone into a fake wall outlet.

Sticker sets include 25 rounds of fun each for Voice Activated and Motion Activated prints.

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