The Not Hot Blanket

Posted: May 27, 2020
The Not Hot Blanket

If the eyes are a window to the soul, then the Not Hot Blanket is a window...for that one damn leg that needs some fresh air. Just a little pop-out from under the covers so you don't wake up from a sweet dream about Charlize Theron with the night sweats.

Well, that's a bad example. Probably if you're dreaming about Charlize Theron, you're waking up wet one way or the other.

Though one of Matt Benedetto's latest Unnecessary Inventions, I think the Not Hot Blanket isn't an unnecessary invention at all. We, dudes and ladies the world over who inexplicably run several degrees warmer at night, need this lower extremity ventilation solution. The leg flap on the Not Hot Blanket is just as useful for that one hot leg that needs some fresh air as the drop-seat flap on a pair of onesie pajamas is for that one hot ass that needs the toilet.

The Not Hot Blanket would also make a great birthday or Dirty Santa gift for my Aunt Jan, and Karen from your office. I do love me some double entendre and passive aggression!

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