The Like Sitting on Air Stool

Posted: February 14, 2013
The Like Sitting on Air Stool
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Possible Dome Stool Disclaimer: "Toer designed a stool that gives the appearance of sitting on air." Appearance? As in looks like one is sitting on air, not that one experiences the buttock tactile sensation of sitting on air? I don't know. It's too close for me to call without an in-person, ass-to-stool meeting. On the one hand, the Dome's aesthetics of beech wood and criss-crossing steel rods don't exactly scream comfort and weightlessness. They scream, like, Home Depot and Fibonacci Sequence. But on the other, those heinously expensive ergonomic desk chairs with the mesh and Battlestar Galactica geometries don't exactly come off as dream seating for the cubicle dweller either, and I'm pretty sure according to industry standards they are.

The Dome Stool description states its shape and, in turn, strength mimic that of architectural masterpieces, such as the Pantheon. This doesn't clear the "sitting on air" conundrum up either. No one goes to the Pantheon to pop a squat on top of it. Or do they? I only went inside and it was kind of musty and felt like one of the boring scenes from Indiana Jones. Maybe I should have looked around for roof access. Maybe I should buy a Dome Stool. Geez, all this ruminating and conjecturing is wearing me out.

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