Sushi Tape

Posted: March 05, 2019
Sushi Tape
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Roe-mantic husband I am, I bento-ver backwards to find my wife some new craft supplies, but as soon as she unwrapped her stylin' set of Sushi Tape she was all, "There's something fishy about this. What did you do wrong or what do you want?"

So I was all, "Omakase! I just gave my woman a gift of 4 adorable Japanese delicacies with adhesive backing. You'd think she'd respond with a better tempura-ment."

And she was like, "Well, OK, you maki a good point. But it's hard to ig-nori precedent, so...what did you do do wrong or what do you want?"

"Fine," I said, "I think I broke your Sushi Bazooka.

"And a blow job."

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