South Park Charted

Posted: February 02, 2018
South Park Charted
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In case you forgot, South Park Charted is here to help you 'member. 'Member what? All twenty seasons of the show's most memorable characters and references, including the citizens of South Park, "The Many Guises of Cartman" (Appendix A), "Reasons Butters Gets in Trouble" (Appendix D), and "Kenny's Deaths" (Appendix J). And the best of South Park Charted: no memberberries - just good vision or a good pair of glasses - are required to use it.

Another neat release from Pop Chart Lab, the South Park Charted poster measures 24" x 36" and sells as a print unframed, framed in your choice of wood / color, or mounted on a panel. The chart distinguishes over 130 characters, categorizing them into groups such as "Canadians" and "Faith + 1." Each character also gets a notation indicating when s/he/it first appeared on the show, and total number of appearances. I'm sure all of that data is archived for easy Ctrl+F-style access, but can you imagine if someone paid you to be a South Park statistician, and watch all 283 episodes to collect it? That would be right up there with getting a job as a professional potato chip taster for me.

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