Nimuno Loops LEGO Compatible Adhesive Tape

Posted: March 14, 2017
$11 - $50
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LEGO my Eggo. Really. Stick a strip of Nimuno Loops LEGO-compatible adhesive tape on your frozen waffle box, or maybe the plate you're serving them on, and go to LEGO town building a fortress none shall pass as you eat breakfast in peace. Other ideas:

  • A LEGO-framed laptop
  • Minifigs scaling your refrigerator and climbing through a LEGO maze
  • LEGO wearables
  • LEGO construction around corners, on curved surfaces, and on the smooth sides of already-built projects. Not to mention LEGO "patches" for designs you want to add to or change without disassembling them.

Nimuno Loops, currently seeking IndieGoGo crowdfunding, will come in 6-1/2' rolls, and launch colors of red and blue. In addition to LEGO the bendable, stickable strips are also compatible with Mega Bloks and Kreo. Here's a GIF of some Nimuno fridge art.

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