Neko Cup Cat Mold - Put a Cat on It

Posted: July 18, 2019
Neko Cup Cat Mold - Put a Cat on It
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Use a Neko Cup cat mold to build yourself a whole beach of sand CATsles. Maybe a nice Raspberry Ragdoll-O Salad. Or just use Morii Yuka's cute kitty molds as sculptures, beige, black, or white pieces of home decor that make perfect gifts for pet lovers who want to add some feline flair to their coffee tables, couches, or - let's be realistic - the dead center of their favorite pillow in bed.

Neko Cups are made of biomass plastic (i.e., organic matter such as bamboo and scallop shells) which is both food-friendly for culinary applications, and eco-friendly for mold production.

I think Neko Cups' Japanese retailer has a swell idea in suggesting testing the cat molds out with a big bag of Kinetic Sand.

Muchas danke to Bored Panda.

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