Micro Crochet Animals

Posted: June 11, 2021
Micro Crochet Animals
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Lookee, lookee at the itty bitty crochet sloth. The teeny tiny crochet elephant. The weeeee little crochet penguin. The...I can't. I have to stop. All these Micro Crochet Animals, these things that make you go awww, are making me feel all fuzzy and dizzy and...barfy from all their cuteness.

To distract myself, and yourself, from this malaise, let's focus on how the hawkeye Lucia of Lucia Knit was able to crochet these near-microscopic Micro Crochet Animals. The penguin, for example, stands 0.4 cm tall. Zero point four. The sloth towers over him at 1.5 cm - with his legs pulled straight.

Lucia's skills are inconceivable to me. However, she does reveal her method for creating the Micro Crochet Animals: "Made with the tiniest crochet hook and sewing thread."

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